In this day and time, technological advancements are at the forefront. As our society advances, so do the skills and abilities of those who would choose to break the law. That is why it's important to stay ahead with cutting edge technology and integrate it into your equipment and training. When considering self-defense and security tactics, you need a company that provides a wide range of training and a fully integrated technology staff that can help prepare your security personnel for the various situations they may encounter while in the course of their duties. MDTG offers tactical training and equipment design exclusively for all government agencies, military personnel, peace officers (all branches), as well as corporate and VIP security personnel, jailors, and riot teams.


This department of MDTG is called the Defensive Tactics & Technology Group.


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As criminal and terrorist related groups become more complex and sophisticated, the need for more technology in tactical situations are required.


MDTG is in the business of developing custom technology through seamless integration of technical disciplines. Over the years, our personnel have developed their own multiple disciplined backgrounds that attribute to the capabilities we have today. This multifaceted experience is what, by nature, most easily lends itself to non-typical thinking or "out-of-the-box" thinking. This, in many cases, leads to unique and effective solutions.


Our goal is to prepare you tactically in order to make your missions successful. We want to supply you with the physical skills and dependable equipment to ensure a desirable outcome. It is our hope that you will call on MDTG. With our training and effective integration of cutting edge technology and equipment, your personnel can add to their current abilities and gain additional confidence in completing their tasks.



MDTG provides tactical training to aid you in engaging hostile opposition in a safe and efficient manner. Our instructors have a broad scope of training and experience. They have their own unique expertise to help create a complete package for your specific needs.


Our techniques are taken from various styles and tactics deployed by many police departments and SWAT teams across the nation. Our mission is to provide the tools trainees require to safely and successfully complete their objectives. It is our desire to instill confidence and proficiency in each student.


We can provide solutions in:

High Risk Warrant Service

Barricaded Suspects

Hostage Rescue

Hand-to-Hand Combat

Extraordinary/Rapid Deployment

VIP/Dignitary Protection

High Risk Prisoner Transport

Court Security/High-risk Trials

Civil Disturbances

Jail Riots

Man Tracking (Escapees)





Not all situations require a physical presence; technology can provide solutions to many problems that arise. MDTG has the abilities and experiences that allow us to develop and build custom solutions or modify and reconfigure equipment.


We believe that giving effective means of both lethal and non-lethal options allows more versatility when confronting a problem. We can help protect your interests at a distance with the effective use of artificial intelligence and unmanned remote controlled equipment. We develop equipment that is integrated with the user and that is intuitive and easily adaptive to both natural and unnatural situations, thus increasing user safety and effectiveness. We can re-engineer and modify equipment to any user specification to increase reliability and function. If you have a tactical or safety problem, we can create a viable technology or modify current ones to expand your available options. We can design a specialty team, tactics and equipment for your personnel from the top of their heads to the soles of their shoes.


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