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  April 15, 2005
MDTG launches new, redesigned website to provide information and services for new and existing customer convenience...
  March 11, 2005
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• Bombardier,

• Arco-Alaska,


MDTG engineers have many years of experience analyzing the construction of roadways, bridges, culverts, drainage systems, sign structures and guardrails, making sure state code requirements were met. ...MORE



• Georgia Pacific,

• International Paper

MDTG engineers have experience in data collection for vibration analysis preventative maintenance and performing visual inspections of equipment... MORE



• Vita-Mix Corporation,

• Royal Appliance Manufacturing Company

MDTG engineers have experience in the design for Vita-Mix Corporation. The designs reduced part counts... MORE



• Motorguide

MDTG engineers designed for Motorguide highly stylized foot pedals, which control speed and direction, for trolling motors.

... MORE




Multiple Discipline Technology Group (MDTG), LLC. Provides Engineering, Homeland Security services, Environmental/Health/Safety, Construction, & Information Technology for a wide variety of applications, industries, & markets. We provide solutions in a number of disciplines, offering control, cost, and time efficiencies, quality and convenience.

 Our motto, "The Power of Innovation Through Integration", reigns throughout the company and is manifested in our unique ability to merge our multiple-discipline backgrounds.

Our "Power" is generated from our quality personnel, quality equipment, quality tools and quality standards.

Our "Innovation Through Integration" is the result of our successful cooperation and collaboration of all disciplines.

We realize that maintaining communication, open working relationships, and customer satisfaction is vital for successfully living up to our motto.

MDTG is prepared to use its multi-disciplined approach to assist our customers in their growth and development.

If you would like to find out more what MDTG can do for you, contact us



Homeland Security Training, Tactics, & Equipment
Homeland Security Training, Tactics and Equipment

In this day and time, technological advancements are at the forefront. As our society advances, so do the skills and abilities of those who would choose to break the law. That is why it's important to stay ahead with cutting edge technology and integrate it into your equipment and training. When considering self-defense and security tactics, you need a company that provides a wide range of training and a fully integrated technology staff that can help prepare your security personnel for the various situations they may encounter while in the course of their duties.

MDTG offers tactical training and equipment design exclusively for all government agencies, military personnel, peace officers (all branches), as well as corporate and VIP security personnel, jailors, and riot teams.    ...MORE

This department of MDTG is called the Defensive Tactics & Technology Group.

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• United States Air Force,

• Lockheed Martin,

• Boeing,

• Raytheon Systems Company,

• Hughes Aircraft Company

MDTG engineers have experience in improving RTM tooling that produces graphite sine-wave spar and fuselage frames and I-beams for the F22 for companies such as Lockheed and Boeing. ...MORE

• Pratt and Whitney,

• GKN Aerospace Solutions,

• Sikorsky

MDTG engineers have many years of experience designing composite tools, such as masters, molds, fixtures, and templates, for various applications...MORE

• Dana Corporation,

• Thermo Components,

• No Limit Racing Club

MDTG has engineers with experience in designing trailer suspensions for Dana Corporation....MORE

• Cingular Wireless,

• Motorola,

• Interstate FiberNet MORE…

MDTG engineers have experience in using Clear Case, Oracle, Iplanet web server, Perl Scripting, HTML, and JSP for supporting and developing intranet applications...MORE

• Advanced Web Technologies,

• Pearson Industries,


MDTG engineers have backgrounds in machine automation, including a robotics bagging machine system design for Advanced Web Technologies, Inc....MORE

• Department of Radiation Therapy Oncology and Biomedical Department at University of Alabama at Birmingham

MDTG engineers and fabrication department developed for the Department of Radiation Therapy and Oncology at UAB a system to better control how radiation is administered, allowing radiation therapy without radiating the entire area....MORE

• Southern Company Services

MDTG engineers have experience in maintaining fuel tracking programs and developing program modules to query information for Southern Company Services, a subsidiary of Southern Company. ...MORE

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