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United States Air Force,

Lockheed Martin,


Raytheon Systems Company,

Hughes Aircraft Company

MDTG engineers have experience in improving RTM tooling that produces graphite sine-wave spar and fuselage frames and I-beams for the F22 for companies such as Lockheed and Boeing. Other experience includes integration of hardware LRUs into RJ aircraft, design of VME based configurations using CAD, C++, C and Labview equivalent, and design of PC boards using ALTERA EPLD design tools for Raytheon Systems Company. Our engineers have backgrounds in developing end-user Air Force aircraft maintenance systems, designing a VXI based qualification tester for F-22 program designing a hardware development tester for an F-16 modular mission computer (MMC) at Lockheed Martin. Design tools also used include ADA, UNIX, MOTIF, relational databases and GUI builder tools. Other experience includes designing and fabricating test circuits ranging from DC to 500 MHz, designing an automated tester for P3-Update-IV aircraft communications system, designing and developing F-14 radar automated test equipment (ATE) which included a simulated IFF interface, and designing and developing test equipment for INTELSAT-VI and DEL spacecraft for Hughes Aircraft Company.


Our engineers have experience in designing aluminum sheet metal and milled enclosures driven by constraints such as ventilation, weight, EMI/RFI shielding, and military specs, performing environmental testing to specifications for vibration, shock, temperature, altitude, and humidity, designing enclosures and antenna arrays using plastic, structural foams, adhesives, radar absorbing honeycomb, and nonmetallic fasteners, and using Finite Element Analysis for evaluating the structural integrity of the electronic and antenna rays for Raytheon Systems Company.


MDTG also has experience in UNIX administration for Sun workstations loaded with Oracle, assisting with development and maintenance of invoice processing program developed using Perl and C, assisting with development and maintenance of invoicing website using ColdFusion, Java, JavaScript, Java Servlet Pages, and Active Server Pages web programming languages for the Department of Defense.


Our engineers have worked with the Air Force on the American Civil Engineer Service team analyzing the COBOL code for SPAS, PDS, JOCAS, and GAFS interfaces, developing hierarchy diagrams, menus, modules, screens and functions for the Utilities subsystem using Oracle Designer2000. Engineers have also worked on the Airforce Interface Team for the Department of Finance and Accounting Services, Lockheed, and the Airforce in developing the SMAS interface layout.


We have experienced designing Graphical User Interface (GUI) for military contracts utilizing UIM/X and dBUIM/X software. We have used C++, dBUIM/X and Visual Source Safe (VSS) to develop a datalink component for upload data to a command center to move the datalink antennas so that ground operators would know the position of aircraft at all times, and using Java language in conjunction with JBuilder in Windows NT environment to develop an operator configuration application to upload and download equipment configuration data for military spy plane for Raytheon Systems Company.


MDTG engineers have experience in designing interconnect harnesses for aircraft avionics, mission systems and generating plans for the installation and routing path of these harnesses, in addition to creating load analyses to determine if the power being supplied by the generators was adequate to power all equipment on aircraft for Raytheon Systems Company.


Pratt and Whitney,

GKN Aerospace Solutions,


MDTG engineers have many years of experience designing composite tools, such as masters, molds, fixtures, and templates, for various applications including Sikorsky Blackhawk, S76, 53E, S92 airframe skins, doors, floors, canopies, tail rotor pylon, and structural parts for GKN Aerospace Solutions. Other applications include Pratt and Whitney jet aircraft engine acoustic panels, splitters, nose cones, strut covers, inlet case liners and guidevanes.


Dana Corporation,

Thermo Components,

No Limit Racing Club

MDTG has engineers with experience in designing trailer suspensions for Dana Corporation. QS9000 Advanced Product Quality Planning Procedures were used as well as market studies to guide early design concepts. Pro-Engineer was used to develop drawings and perform Finite Element Analysis studies. Capability studies, FMEAs, stress analyses, fatigue tests, and road tests were used for design verification. Other experience includes design of various aluminum heat exchangers using Incorporated Pressure Vessel Theory guidelines for Thermo Components. Metallurgical selection criteria were established for high strength aluminum alloys used in automotive, semi-truck, and ATV heat exchangers.


MDTG engineers designed and built an entire Pro-Modified Drag Racing car for No Limit Racing Club. This project included engine assembly, design and fabrication of frame, design and installation of suspension system, design and fabrication of aluminum floorboard and firewall, installation of electrical components, and fabrication of fiberglass components for the body. A nitrous oxide fuel supplement system was also installed.


Cingular Wireless,


Interstate FiberNet

MDTG engineers have experience in using Clear Case, Oracle, Iplanet web server, Perl Scripting, HTML, and JSP for supporting and developing intranet applications using JDBC, Servlets via Weblogic Application 8.0 Server, and using J2EE 3-tier architecture comprised of HTML, Java Server Pages, and EJB to build B2B e-commerce sites.


MDTG engineers have experience with monitoring DS1 and DS3 fiber optic networks for Interstate FiberNet which covered the states of Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina, in addition to responding to trouble calls and network alarms by identifying system and traffic problems related to fiber optic cable and electronics, various switching systems and security/environmental alarms. TL1 (Transaction Language 1) software was used to perform remote testing and troubleshooting of circuits, and our engineers coordinated maintenance work for Interstate FiberNet customers, such as MCI, Sprint, AT&T, and BellSouth, ensuring uninterrupted service along the network. Other experience includes building test fixtures for companies such as Motorola.


Advanced Web Technologies,

Pearson Industries,


MDTG engineers have backgrounds in machine automation, including a robotics bagging machine system design for Advanced Web Technologies, Inc. Other experience includes design activities for FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), introducing high school students to engineering fundamentals and the design process in preparation for a nationwide robotics competition. Our engineers also designed and built a robotics rope-tying machine for Pearson Industries. This project also included writing the PLC programming for the system. The machine enabled the company to reduce its manufacturing costs and improved its competitiveness in the pet toy industry.


Department of Radiation Therapy Oncology and Biomedical Department at University of Alabama at Birmingham

MDTG engineers and fabrication department developed for the Department of Radiation Therapy and Oncology at UAB a system to better control how radiation is administered, allowing radiation therapy without radiating the entire area. Other experience with the Department of Radiation Therapy and Oncology was the design of a "camera" used in the detection and treatment of cancer. Our engineers also assisted the Biomedical Department of UAB in its Wound Healing Technology research by determining and tracking the effects of growth hormones on the growth rate of skin tissue in certain types of wounds. This was accomplished by using a microscopic computer graphics measuring system. The research resulted in an award from the National Science Foundation.


Southern Company Services

MDTG engineers have experience in maintaining fuel tracking programs and developing program modules to query information for Southern Company Services, a subsidiary of Southern Company.


  Howard County, Maryland

MDTG engineers have also worked on the RPM redlight team for Howard County Maryland in developing an automated redlight program. This project was part of the law enforcement program that would enable a system to take pictures of vehicles that ran red lights.








MDTG engineers have many years of experience analyzing the construction of roadways, bridges, culverts, drainage systems, sign structures and guardrails, making sure state code requirements were met. Microstation CAD software was used to draft roads and other structures. We also have experience in testing soils, bridges, and roadways. Other experience extends to the design of power distribution equipment for applications such as trolleys, trains, and subways. Designs include AC bus ducts, rectifiers, DC bus ducts, and DC switchgear. CAD was used to develop customer drawings, fabrication assembly drawings, sheet metal detail drawings, and copper bus bar assembly and detail assembly drawings. Companies for which this equipment was designed include NYCTA (New York City Transit Authority), MARTA (Metropolitan Area Transit Authority), MVTA (Miami Valley Transit Authority), Bombardier, Arco-Alaska, UTA (Utah Transit Authority), Orlando Utilities, and SEPTA (South Eastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority).


Georgia Pacific,

International Paper

MDTG engineers have experience in data collection for vibration analysis preventative maintenance and performing visual inspections of equipment and interpretation of vibration data, equipment installations, shutdowns, changeouts, and rebuilding and maintaining equipment such as pumps, air compressors, gear boxes, chain and belt drive systems, hydraulic pumps, power transmission couplings, bearings, pipe valves, steam turbines, electric motors and variable frequency drives for Georgia Pacific Company. Other experience includes various projects with International Paper such as coordinating maintenance reliability for world class paper machines, conducting root cause failure investigations of bearings, shafts, couplings, and other rotating equipment, managing a recovery boiler project which included nondestructive testing of dryer cans and the installation of a new precipitator unit. MDTG has experience in the design, fabrication, and installation of such equipment as catwalks and platforms, metal tanks, piping systems, coupling guards, electrical equipment cabinets, and ductwork. Engineers also managed a project to install a starch unloading system consisting of piping, automatic valves, a blower, a filtering unit, and a controller.


Vita-Mix Corporation,

Royal Appliance Manufacturing Company

MDTG engineers have experience in the design for Vita-Mix Corporation. The designs reduced part counts, reduced noise levels, simplified assemblies and reduced cost while greatly increasing functionality. Our experience also includes design of a muffler that reduced the full spectrum noise level by approximately 36dB for a wet/dry vacuum for Royal Appliance Manufacturing Company. Several MDTG engineers are inventors and co-inventors on the following patents: U.S. Patent 5,799,364 Nozzle adapter; 6,069,423 Motor cooling and sound absorbing system; D408,600 Vacuum cleaner; D422,448 Drink blending machine; D424,874 Agitator for a blender; D427,016 Enclosure for a food processor.



MDTG engineers designed for Motorguide highly stylized foot pedals, which control speed and direction, for trolling motors.


MAGNATRAX Buildings Group,


MDTG engineers have experience in providing technical assistance and process project support to the manufacturing operations for MAGNATRAX Buildings Group. Under the guidance of an Associate Safety Professional (ASP), they applied process engineering and environmental, health and safety management skills toward process improvement, equipment enhancement, process reliability and production/process improvements in order to increase plant productivity, safety and working conditions, minimize financial, legal liability and environmental impact, in accordance with company policy, regulatory requirements, and site or sector objectives. Our engineers developed, revised, implemented, trained and communicated written environmental health and safety programs, as needed, to ensure compliance with all regulatory agencies. They also inspected and monitored facilities for compliance with local, state and federal EPA and OSHA regulations.


MDTG engineers are also responsible for MAGNATRAX's compliance with environmental permits and interpreting EPA, OSHA, RCRA, SARA Title III, wastewater discharge, and NPDES requirements for eight metal building manufacturing facilities.


MDTG engineers have experience with these regulations in several states including Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. Our engineers performed workplace audits to detect existing/potential workplace hazards and made recommendations to reduce/eliminate potential workplace hazards, in addition to tracking closure of identified recommendations to ensure timely completion.


MDTG engineers have experience in conducting investigations and evaluating equipment improvements/simplifications and process optimizations. They also have experience with recommending and implementing alternative methods to increase production, reduce costs and shorten production cycle times as well as to improve worker efficiency and reduce nonproductive times. Our engineers also developed MAGNATRAX's Environmental Policy.


MDTG engineers oversaw all aspects of the hot-dip galvanizing process of iron and structural steel products for METALPLATE GALVANIZING, INC. They planned, organized, and controlled all production operations in accordance with delivery schedules and company procedures. Our engineers ensured that all production operations conformed to quality specifications and process requirements, administered programs aimed towards waste minimization, and translated the company's labor and business related documentation for internal and external use to Spanish. Our engineers conducted and performed quality/process system audits at five METALPLATE GALVANIZING, INC plants and participated in several internal and external environmental (OSHA/EPA) compliance audits in addition to having developed, compiled, established and maintained company standard operating procedures, process control documents, process flow charts, operator instructions, and process monitoring forms for the five galvanizing plants using and following ISO 9000/QS 9000 system guidelines.


MDTG engineers are also responsible for detailed specifications, design, implementation, maintenance and training for METALPLATE GALVANIZING, INC customized bar code system used for steel tracking purposes between Metalplate and customers. They are also responsible for developing more efficient labor utilization methods and techniques on material handling for the galvanizing of steel and iron products, introducing ergonomically designed tools used for various production line tasks, thereby increasing efficiency and lowering liability risks, implementing new safety rules and procedures, and ensured that all employees maintained a high level of safety awareness and compliance which resulted in fewer accidents and Workers' Compensation claims. They performed time and material handling studies, developed more efficient production line procedures, which improved efficiency and reduced man-hours, and proposed a Computerized Predictive Maintenance Program to reduce employee exposure to hazards, decrease equipment downtime, and to optimize the use of the company's maintenance budget.




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